Translations of plugin World Cup Predictor

Currently, the World Cup Predictor plugin has more than 200 phrases (both backend and frontend) and is available in more than 10 languages. This was only possible due to the voluntary contribution of some collaborators from several countries who made the respective translations and we are grateful to all of them:

German. – Fred Kuhl
French – Robert Maculewicz
Spanish – Domingo Robaina
Brazilian Portuguese – Ed Torres
Dutch – Deborah Kerkhof
Swedish – Axel
Arabic – Modos Soos
Italian – Giulio Giorgetti
Russian – Oles Lukas
Serbian – Marko Relic

And if you want to be part of that team and help with translations, maybe from a language that is not yet contemplated or correcting phrases that are outdated, you will be very welcome.

Just leave your comment on this post (informing your email) and soon I will contact you to give you instructions on how to proceed.

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